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How will you dress on your hen night murder mystery weekend?

Murder Mystery Hen Night Parties can be in fancy dress 

  • MURDER MYSTERY  From 550 for Hen Night Parties

  • We have a murder mystery story specially written for your hen night party, 
    'Laid out By a Hen'. 

  • All of our Murder Mysteries are great for hen night parties.

  • Prices from 550 for groups of up to 30 people for a 4 hour event

  • For 31 or more people add 10 per person

  • If you have more than 12 people attending, we can also arrange the venue, dinner and overnight accommodation for you.

    Email     or  Phone:  01790 756 940

  • Do you want your usual hen night party; limo's, fun and frivolity, but maybe with an added zing of mystery?

    We can arrange it for you! Let us know where you want to go for your hen party and what you have in mind.

  • We can arrange those special locations, spa hotels, pamper packages and arrange your fun!

  • We have a wide variety of venues for your hen night party murder mystery  Many venues for your hen night party murder mystery are country house hotels  Hen night party murder mystery venues can be 2 star, 3 star or 4 star, just let us know what you want!


  • TREASURE HUNTS  for Hen Night Parties & Ideas

  •   TREASURE HUNTS Lead by an actor - FROM 550

  • We have a range of Treasure Hunts specially for hen night parties set in many different locations in the UK and Europe. 

  • Also, you can have a new story in a new location, in fact anywhere you choose: www.treasurehuntsuk.com

    Phone: 01790 756 940     Email: Email


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